Blogging for Money: The Most Profitable Blog Niches

October 28, 2017

One of the trickiest parts of starting a blog is finding something to blog about.

Whatever you’re going to be blogging about it’s to be interesting to you so that you keep at it and also has potential to make you some money in the long run.

This is, of course, unless you’re blogging just for fun and aren’t worried about making some extra cash.

For most of us looking to make some money online one of the key steps in this process is choosing a profitable blog niche.

I actually wrote an in-depth post on choosing a blogging niche and I recommend checking that out if you still haven’t settled on a few ideas.

When it comes to finding the most profitable niches you basically need to find any niche where there are a lot of people buying products and spending money.

This might sound easier than it seems, especially if you’re a beginner, so in this post I want to share with you some of the best niche markets that you’re going to want to check out if you’re hoping to make money blogging in the long run.

Before I get started I want to quickly go over a few concerns that I’ve seen popping up online about finding a niche.

how to create your own blog

Problems with Finding a Niche

There are tons of bloggers these days telling you that you don’t need to find a niche.

And the funny thing is – I don’t disagree with that statement.

Plenty of people are earning a living blogging about whatever they want instead of just focusing on one or two specific topics.

The goal with blogging is that you should instead be looking to solve problems that people are experiencing rather than just picking something specific to nitpick over.

When you’re starting out you might be better off writing about a variety of different topics and choosing to focus on something more specific once you find out what your audience likes and what you actually enjoy writing about.

There are quite a few examples of popular blogs and websites that are successful with covering every topic imaginable but there’s also an equal amount of examples of blogs that are killing it by spending time creating content around just one or two ideas.

I would argue that it’s a good idea to focus on a broad niche when you start your blog and then deciding further on down the road whether you want to “niche down”.

You Should Be Passionate About What You’re Blogging About

This is another statement that I’ve seen thrown around quite a bit.

I actually agree and I think it’s a good idea that you’re somewhat passionate about or interested in whatever you’re planning to blog about.

This is going to make it easier for you in the long run to continually create content, engage with your audience, and grow your social network.

Most niches have the potential to make money and your passions can be pretty broad so I’m positive you’ll be able to find something that’s monetizable.

Personally, I’m really passionate about teaching people how to make money online, making money online myself, and the whole marketing aspect of running a blog so that’s what I write about.

I’m also passionate about and interested in living a healthy lifestyle and traveling so you’ll see content like that here on my blog as well.

Basically, unless you’re outsourcing it’s going to be a lot easier for you to start a blog and create content about something that you’re actually interested in.

You can definitely grind it out with a topic that’s not interesting to you at all, I’m just saying it’s going to be harder and it’s going to feel a lot more like work.

Finding Out What People Are Looking For

One more problem when it comes to finding a profitable a niche is that when you’re first starting out you really don’t know what people are looking for.

It’s really easy to say “find a hole in the market” or “give information to people looking for answers” but if you don’t have a good idea about the market or the questions people have then it’s hard to know what you should be blogging about.

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to start with a broad niche.

You can focus on creating content and learning more about your niche while at the same time getting a better understanding for your audience and discovering gaps in the market all on your own.

No one online is going to hand you a silver platter with all of the answers and keys to your niche – you simply need to put in the work and find out most of it on your own.

Even failing with a specific niche is going to be a learning experience for you so there’s nothing wrong with jumping right into something and giving it to go to see what happens.

The key here is to continually learn and adapt to your niche until you know exactly what your audience wants and you’re able to provide it for them.

The Best Profitable Niches List for Blogging

Now that I’ve rambled on for a little while it’s time to jump right into my recommendations for the best niche markets if you’re looking to make some money.

Hopefully there’s something here that interests you so that you don’t have to start a blog about something completely random.

All of these different niches come with a wide range of affiliate products, they’re great for advertisers, and they offer opportunities for offering your own products and services.

The competition is going to be huge but when you’re starting out you can focus on those small wins, like with long-tail keywords, and you can take your time developing your blog into a heavy-hitting authority.

These are all the broad niche ideas and you can easily find more specific topics and “sub-niches” in each of these recommendations.

Alright, let’s take a look!

Personal Finance

starting a personal finance blog

When it comes to options for monetization and potential to make money I don’t think you’ll find any better niche than personal finance.

There are tons of different topics and ideas that you can cover if you’re planning to start a personal finance blog and just about everybody is looking for help on a range of financial topics.

For example, you can cover different pain-points that people have like:

  • Choosing the best credit cards
  • Saving money for retirement
  • Living frugally
  • Investing
  • Extra ways to make money at home

There are just so many different topics that you can cover and it’s pretty easy to turn a personal finance blog into a behemoth.

A quick search on Google also shows that there are a huge amount of different personal finance affiliate programs and all of these have pretty high payouts as well.

People are always looking for help with their spending and finances so when it comes to making money blogging this is definitely one of the best niche markets to get into.

Some examples of personal finance bloggers include:

Weight Loss and Fitness

starting a weight loss blog

Another banger when it comes to affiliate marketing niches is the weight loss and fitness niche.

There are so many different affiliate products available to choose from in this market and people from all over the world are constantly looking for advice on losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

With this niche there are a seemingly endless amount of sub-topics that you can cover and if it’s something you’re passionate about then you probably won’t ever run out of ideas for blog posts.

What I like about the weight loss and fitness market is that you can expand into YouTube videos, private coaching, and it’s also really easy to create your own health-related products and services.

There are tons of opportunities for making money with this niche and with so many different topics to choose from you’re bound to find something to write about if living a healthy lifestyle is one of your interests.

Some examples of bloggers in the weight loss and fitness niche include:


travel niche affiliate programs

The travel niche is one of the most saturated but it’s still a great place to get started if you’re a beginner looking for a profitable niche market.

I guess you could say this falls under the “lifestyle” niche but with so much search traffic, social media content, and just general interest for traveling I think it deserves a spot as a niche just on its own.

There are plenty of options for travel related affiliate programs and tons of different products that you can promote that people use for traveling on a regular basis.

There are quite a few sub-niches for travel as well or you can really niche-down depending on what you want to write about.

Within the travel industry you can talk about things like:

  • General travel guides
  • City destination guides
  • Travel gear recommendations
  • Experience and product reviews
  • Suggestions for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc

There is so much to write about that you could never completely cover the entire travel industry in blogging even if you wanted to.

For those of you that are passionate about traveling and want to make it easier for others this is a niche that I would recommend getting into. 

Some examples of bloggers in the travel niche include:

Making Money Online

laptop blogging

Teaching people how to make money is one of the greatest ways of making money online if you actually know what you’re talking about.

For beginners without any experience this isn’t where I would recommend starting although if you already have a blog and you’re looking for a profitable niche then you’ll definitely want to consider entering this one.

There’s a lot of competition but with so many different affiliate programs to choose from and options for driving traffic it’s still a great niche to try out.

There is also a lot of potential for creating your own product or offering your own service once you have built up an audience and you’re getting decent levels of traffic.

Another thing I like about this niche is that it works quite well with display advertisements – something that can be pretty tricky depending on the niche.

To give you a better idea of the earning potential in the making money online niche check out a few of these income reports:


sharing tips for bloggers just getting started

There are a lot of people in love with technology, gadgets, and anything electronic which makes this another great niche to check out.

You’re not really going to be able to create your own product in the tech niche but you can definitely focus on things like reviews, tutorials, troubleshooting, in-depth guides, and anything else that helps people use the wide range of electronic devices and technology available today.

This is also a great niche for creating YouTube videos and it’s likely that you already have quite a few different electronics and pieces of technology at home that you can start out with.

As for monetization, the tech niche works well with affiliate marketing and it can also be pretty lucrative with display advertising.

Companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal Mart all offer affiliate programs where you can make some decent money if you’re promoting products worth thousands of dollars or just things that people buy on a regular basis.

There are new products and tech gadgets coming out all the time so there are plenty of people looking for more information online making your potential audience enormous.

Some of the heavy hitters in the tech niche include:


photography blogging

I suppose you could mix the photography niche with the technology one, although I think it deserves a spot on its own.

With so many different aspects of photography there is a lot of information that you can cover and people are always looking for help with getting started with photography as a hobby.

This is a great niche for affiliate marketing and you can also offer your own products like ebooks, photography courses, and even video tutorials.

You can focus on creating content around a variety of topics including things like:

  • How to choose the right camera
  • Specific camera guides and tips
  • Product reviews (cameras, tripods, bags, etc)
  • Great locations for photography
  • Smartphone photography tips

With this market you can easily branch into making YouTube videos and starting a photography blog can even get you some clients if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

There is a huge demand for photography information these days and with more and more people entering into the hobby I imagine that it would only get bigger from here.

Some examples of popular photography blogs include:


fashion blogging tips

Those of you that don’t mind spending a lot of time on social media and to keeping up with trends that change quite often are going to want to look into the fashion niche.

Millions of people around the world are interested in fashion and this is one of the biggest online Industries to begin with.

Starting out you’re going to have to focus on the different social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube so of course you’re going to want to be comfortable with these platforms.

What I love about the fashion niche is that there is always something new that you can write about and most popular retailers have their own affiliate programs.

This is also a great niche for YouTube because people are always looking for videos for fashion advice, inspiration, tips for how to dress, and everything else fashion-related.

With the fashion niche you can even branch into the beauty market which also has a huge online presence, especially for young people.

Some examples of awesome fashion blogs include:

Dive Right In and Get Started

I hope that I’ve been able to give you some ideas on finding a profitable blogging niche that you can start blogging about.

Each of these different markets cover so many different topics and are great for monetization because there’s always people looking for more information who are willing to spend money on products and solutions.

Depending on the niche people are going to be coming back to buy more products or take advantage of different services more than once so that’s why it’s important to focus on providing value and covering everything that you can to the best of your ability.

The most important thing is actually getting started and diving right into a niche is going to teach you everything you need to know.

So with that in mind be sure to check out my post on starting your own blog then head over to my blogging checklist to make sure that you’re up and running and ready for success.

As always, thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to hit me up with any of your questions down in the comments below.

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