How to Make Money on Amazon with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

January 14, 2018

affiliate marketing on amazon guide

One of the best ways to make money blogging for beginners is with affiliate marketing.

The Amazon Associates program is a great affiliate program. The commission’s range from around 2% up to 10% depending on what you’re promoting.

These days more people than ever use Amazon and there are an endless amount of different products you can promote.

On Amazon you earn a commission when someone clicks your affiliate link on your blog or website and ends up making a purchase. You earn a commission on anything they buy within 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link.

While they might buy one or two things you recommended there’s a good chance they’ll pick up a few extras on the same order. Whatever else they buy you’ll end up getting a commission for. This can really add up over the course of a month.

Using the Amazon Associates affiliate program is a good idea if you’re hoping to monetize your blog. It can work especially well if you make a lot of recommendations for different products or if your website is focused on a specific product.

 For example, if you’re blogging about photography then you can write articles about your favorite tripods, cameras, and anything else photography related.

After someone reads one of your articles about tripods and clicks on a link to buy one you’re going to earn a commission. They might end up buying a camera bag and memory card in the same order. You earn a commission for all of this as well!

There are so many different niches where you can promote something from Amazon on your blog. People are familiar with the Amazon platform so they’re are a lot more likely to make a purchase compared to if you were selling them something directly.

All of these different features make the Amazon Associates program one of the best ways to monetize a new or even older blog. In this post I want to share with you some helpful tips and strategies on how to make money on Amazon with their affiliate program.

How to Make Money on Amazon with the Amazon Associates Program

amazon associates guide

Quick Look

  1. Make sure you’re already set up with your own blog
  2. Fill your blog with helpful and informative content that provides value for your readers
  3. Include some tutorials and reviews if you want to promote any Amazon products specifically
  4. Don’t forget to add Amazon affiliate links in your posts to start earning commissions
  5. Create content around low competition keywords to give yourself a better chance of ranking higher in search engines
  6. Continue to drive traffic to your blog and build your email list

Start Your Own Blog

affiliate marketing with a vlog

If you want to start making money with Amazon as an affiliate then you’re going to need to have your own blog.

Some people like to do affiliate marketing on YouTube or with social media.

However, it’s going to be much easier for you to promote products using your own blog.

Take a look at my how to start a blog post if you don’t already have your own. It’ll take you less than 30 minutes to get a blog up and running.

Once you’re done come on back to this post and continue reading!

Create Helpful and In-Depth Content

list building strategies

The cornerstone of making money with the Amazon Associates program is having great content. Great content is the backbone of your blog or website. Everything you write should provide a ton of value to your readers.

You want your content to solve people’s problems. You want to provide enough information that your blog post is the only one they need to read.

After providing a lot of value and focusing on creating helpful content people are going to be more likely to take your recommendation. This is important when it comes to getting sales and earning a commission on what you’re promoting.

Add Affiliate Links Throughout Your Articles

using contextual links

Wherever you mention a specific product that can be found on Amazon in your articles you want to include an affiliate link.

Only add these links where it makes sense. You don’t want random links everywhere or this is going to turn people off from reading your articles.

You can have more links and other calls to action in articles where you specifically cover a product (such as any review posts or buying guides).

I recommend spreading out the links whenever you’re adding them to articles. Try to add one link every 2 or 3 paragraphs. Depending on the article you can spread them out even further with one link every 5 paragraphs or more.

I prefer using contextual links (links sprinkled throughout the text). These tend to get more clicks compared to if you were using a “buy button”.

The best thing to do is to add links wherever it seems relevant. You don’t want to overdo it or people won’t be as interested in your content. Keep it natural and you can still get a lot of clicks!

Do Your Keyword Research


Whenever you write a new blog post, especially one made to promote something, you want to start off by doing keyword research.

Spending your time doing keyword research is going to help you find the best keywords with low competition. These are the keywords that are going to be easier to rank for in search engines. This is going to help you get more search engine traffic in the long run.

For example, you might be able to rank for a keyword such as “best coffee machine”. It would take a lot of work and efforts to rank for a keyword like this due to the high competition.

By doing keyword research you’ll be able to find keywords that you have a much better chance of ranking for with a lot less competition.

This way, instead of trying to rank for “best coffee machine” you could focus your efforts on something like “best coffee machine for two people”. This keyword definitely isn’t going to be as competitive and you’ll stand a better chance of ranking for it.

Take a look at my article on how to find low competition keywords using KWFinder for a more in-depth guide on how to find these awesome keywords.

Write Review Articles

example of an amazon review article

One of the the best types of content to use to make money on Amazon with are review articles. In these types of articles you’ll write an in-depth review of a certain product that’s found on Amazon.

These convert very well because people reading reviews are looking for a little bit more information about a product that they’re already interested in. If you’re able to provide helpful information for them then they’re much more likely to click your link and buy the product with your recommendation.

You don’t want your entire blog or website to be filled up with these types of articles. However, they’re great to include every now and then if you’re hoping to make more affiliate sales on Amazon and supplement your blogging income.

In your reviews provide as much information about the product that you can. Cover all aspects of the product and don’t hesitate to make any recommendations or share alternative opinions.

Don’t forget to add your own photos of whatever you’re promoting. You can also share your review on social media to start driving traffic to it right away.

Write Tutorials

examples of product tutorials

While review posts are great for affiliate marketing, tutorials are another great blog content idea.

In these tutorials you can show your audience how to use a specific product related to your niche.

For example, if you have a photography blog you can share a helpful tutorial on how to use a specific camera.

In this tutorial you can include links to the camera. You can also add links to any accessories or photography gear that you use or recommend.

These tutorials can be a great way to make more money on Amazon. They’re also effective at driving traffic because people are always on the lookout for more information about the things that they’re using regularly.

Don’t forget to look up some keywords before you start your tutorial. This is going to let you know if there’s any interest in the tutorial you want to share. You’ll be able to quickly take a look at the competition as well.

Pick the Right Products

Pick the Right Products

There’s no point in trying to earn a commission for something that costs just a few dollars. The amount you’ll earn per sale just wouldn’t be worth it to create content around something so inexpensive.

Picking the right products is going to make it easier for you to make more money.

I recommend trying to find items starting at around $50. I find that anything up to $100 is the sweet spot for conversions.

Anything less than $50 just really isn’t worth promoting. Anything that’s more than $100 people don’t tend to buy as often.

Some niches are only going to have higher priced products that you can promote. This isn’t a problem at all but keep in mind that you will likely get higher conversion and more sales with lower-priced products in the $50 to $100 range.

Of course you can always add links to higher-priced products and this is something I definitely recommend doing. You never know when someone’s going to buy that $5,000 camera or $8,000 hot tub.

That’s what makes the Amazon Associates program so flexible and attractive to beginner affiliates!

One more thing I want to mention is that it’s good idea to add links to your product images.

I’ve found that people like to click on photos when they’re reading blog posts.

Adding a link to an image is simple in WordPress and this strategy could have a significant impact on your commissions for the month.

Build Your Email List

using mailerlite for email marketing

Focusing on building your email list is important for just about every page on your blog or website. This includes any pages that you’re using to promote something.

One of the problems with being an affiliate for someone else is that you’re giving them all of the business. Sure, you earn a commission but the affiliate company gains a new customer.

This has a long-term benefit for the company and you’re able to benefit as well but only if you’re able to capture their email.

By getting one of your visitors on your email list you’ll be able to promote your content to them in the future. You can include more affiliate links in anything that you are promoting.  You can even promote content links to other affiliates instead of just Amazon – something which is going to help you diversify your online earnings.

This can help you take advantage of the affiliate sale more than once so that you’re able to benefit in the same way the affiliate company does.

In the long run you can also use your email list for promoting any of your own products or services. You’ll earn the most money from selling your own product or service and it’s a good idea to have an audience that’s already receptive to you.

Creating a product or setting up your own service is difficult and time-consuming. For most people affiliate marketing is easier and programs like Amazon Associates really help to streamline the process.

Start Generating Traffic to Your Blog

driving traffic to your blog

Nothing really matters if you’re not getting people to check out your content. Without traffic you’re not going to get any clicks end this obviously isn’t going to get you any sales.

With your foundation ready to go you need to spend time focusing on driving traffic to your blog posts.

Feel free to check out my helpful post on different strategies you can use for getting more website visitors.

When you’re first starting out I find that social media is the best way to drive traffic. Facebook groups offer a ton of engagement and there are groups available for just about every niche.

Check out my post on driving traffic with Facebook groups.

Pinterest can be a good idea if you’re in a niche with physical products that people like to look at. This is relevant for niches like home decor, interior design, women’s fashion, and anything DIY-related.

For photography and image based niches you can use Instagram to start getting people to check out your blog.

Over the long-term you want to focus on creating helpful content that your audience will find useful. A focus on SEO and optimizing your website and blog posts for search engines is going to be the best way to drive traffic over a long period of time.

Traffic from search engines is also passive. This means you don’t have to continuously promote your posts or spend time on social media. You can use this time on creating even more content or reaching out and building relationships with other people in your niche.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review

review of the associates affiliate program

I wanted to share a quick review of the Amazon Affiliate program to give you guys a better idea of what to expect.

I make most of the money with my travel blog through the Amazon program. I’ve been using it for a few years and I will continue to use it in the future.

The program itself is straightforward and easy to use. There are a ton of tutorials online and on YouTube that you can check out to get started.

After signing up you have 90 days to make your first sale. If you don’t end up making yourself you can sign up try again another 90 days.

Compared to all of the other affiliate programs I’ve used Amazon converts at the highest rate. Depending on the site I get Amazon conversions from between 11% and 19%. This means that anywhere from 1 in 10 up to 2 in 5 of my website visitors are making a purchase on Amazon.

Even with lower traffic numbers this can be a lucrative blogging income. It’s even better with higher traffic as this leads to more conversions, more sales, and better affiliate earnings.

Over the years I’ve never had any problems with Amazon. They pay on time every month and the customer service is efficient at quickly dealing with any issues.

As long as you follow the Associates Program Operating Agreement you shouldn’t run into any problems with getting banned or losing your account. Amazon does do random website audits to make sure you’re following all the rules. As long as you’re sticking to the guidelines in the Operating Agreement you’ll be fine.

Overall, I think that the Amazon Associates program is a great affiliate program for bloggers. It’s easy to use, the company is reliable, payments are received on time, and there are an endless amount of different products that you can promote.

I would definitely recommend trying it out for monetizing your blog if you haven’t already.

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